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22 Mar 2009

I finally went to celebrity chef's, Jamie Oliver's, italian restaurant in bath to have a quick lunch there with Sam and Anthony.

The menu is mainly "typical" dishes, and I just selected a simple spaghetti bolognese, but it was both reasonably priced, and tasted sensational! You know when you are eating something truely devine when you don't want to ever stop chewing!

This is the first celebrity chef's restaurant i've ever been to, and it's left me curious as to what others are like. Because of the recession they have all reconsidered their pricing to keep their bookings up, and this makes it an ideal time to try a couple more in the next two or three months.

22 March 2009 18:33 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
19 Mar 2009

Well, finally the time has come, and today the Street View feature I mentioned in a previous blog post some months ago, has now officially hit the UK. There was lots of talk about it being done, but was pretty surprised today to see that Bristol now has it.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

I'm sure other cities have been done, but been so facinated with the Bristol one, I've not yet taken my eyes away long enough to check for other cities yet.

Quick update.. Looks like most of the main cities of the UK have been done.

19 March 2009 14:32 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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