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24 Jan 2009

We decided to have a leg of lamb this weekend whilst friends came round to visit and play a few fun board games, whilst drinking our weight in wine and beer.

Was interesting to see the lamb she had ordered from the local butchers. Was slightly large, since it wasn't just the leg, but shoulder and more..

I have to say that the lamb Sam did was a big success.. 5 hours of cooking and it was just falling off the bone. So as much as there was the eat, it went down very well!

24 January 2009 22:10 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
08 Jan 2009

Getting a little bit of insider information from a Palm employee friend can really make your ears prick up when they seem to get excited about a new phone and phone OS that their own company has produced, especially it comes from a company that has been mostly doom and gloom for the last few years.

Even with an insider I couldn't get more information than anyone else other than to ensure I would watch the CES 2009 palm announcement.

Well I found the whole presentation on YouTube, and I have to say that it really does look like Palm could have pulled a last minute gem out of their pockets and saved themselves from oblivion. They really need that GSM version though, and more over, need to get the same silly over hype that iPhone had.

Everyone is going to compare this to the iPhone since that phone is the current market consumer leader. Apple introduced the multi touch, clown like interface with features very much oriented to the consumer such as better web browsing and integrated rich media support and social services. If I was forced to compare, I would say that iPhone had a bunch of people with a wish list of cool technology that already existed, and a marketing team that said "it doesn't matter how much it cost, we'll be able to sell it", and so the team went to work cramming everything they could to push an iPod to become the iPhone forgetting the odd essential on the way.. Palm however, seem to have thought about people actually using a phone which could do media and social stuff, and realised that a whole new OS was required to get better cross product integration and interface management, much like Google, Windows and Apple had done/are doing.

I believe what they have done is saved themselves, as long as they can scream from the roof tops over the echo's of iPhone this, iPhone that...

Part 1...

Part 2...

Part 3...

Part 4...

Part 5...

Key stuff that hasn't been mentioned yet is the approx battery life, and they didn't talk about the new induction charger which allows the phone to be charged without having to plug it into a wire. You just have to leave it on the desk and it will charge.. Great for those that find that problem where the phone will ring then you find yourself wrapped in cables, or ear glued to the desk because the cable is caught or too short! Definitely well thought out, and they are working on the GSM version.

Here are the things I'm not so conviced about. The 3MP camera seems a little small for high end device when competitors are hitting 5-8MP now, and the screen resolution (number of pixels on the screen) is 320 x 480 that is better than the conventional 320 x 240, but I would really hope for a least 640 x 480 or as some devices are going 800 x 480. It makes for much better web browsing, esspecially when the device is oriented around that very feature.

08 January 2009 22:20 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
01 Jan 2009

Nothing like having to dress up for the Murder Mystery! It was a lot of fun!

This is me as the hard nosed sales rep, namely Roger Hard, whom ended up with key catch phrases such as "Hard by name, hard by nature" (super cheesey!) and "Bang!", since "Whoof" was taken by Roger's distant cousin "Lord Flashheart" from Black Adder.

It was as much fun as people have made out, and looking forward to my next murder mystery night! Whenever that may be.

I am missing the gold chain in this photo, but the tash and glasses give a good indication of the type of 80's guy he was...

I have to say though, wearing a tash is not easy.. it never sticks properly after the first five minutes, and can then constantly itch. So I'm continually stroking it to keep it in shape and stuck to the face, which ended up adding to the effect of this guy thinking WAY too much of himself.

Total costume expense: £7.00 - Not bad!

01 January 2009 12:35 GMT+00:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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