I love technology..

I'm just on my way back from meetings in London, sitting on a train heading to Bristol. The amazing thing is that I don't have to stop working (unless I choose too). Travelling is a time sucker for business people, so being able to make the most of that time is really important.

On this trip I happen to have a couple of key items.. A laptop and a Windows mobile phone. I have a business tarrif with O2 which means that I get unlimited internet data, so thought that I would see if there was ways to use it than the tiny web browser and basic email you get on the phone. So I plug in the laptop to the plug socket that is available on every train table, and then the USB cable between the two devices and start the "Internet Sharing" application on the Windows mobile phone. Next thing you know my laptop springs into glorious 3G life with broadband speeds on the move. It's SO easy!

So now I'm able to write this blog entry along my journey, whilst having a video conference with a friend over Skype. I get wide-eyed looks from people around me as, although this technology has been available for a little while now, its not something you see very often.. esspecially as rich as this. I can imagine to many, it might seem something from a sci-fi movie..

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50