CERN: LHC Particle Accelerator and Blackholes

The CERN LHC Particle AcceleratorThanks to the wonders of the uneducated press, I've had so many local kids fretting about the end of the world thanks to the black holes that the LHC at Cern will produce.

There is a chance that it could produce black holes, which is enough for the press to go crazy over, but its highly highly unlikely and they would be super small too. I've even seen stupid youTube videos of people animating what they believe the black hole would do when engulfing the earth. It's amusing, and at the same time disturbing how people seem to "like" the idea of the earth disappearing in a black hole.

Just a shame it won't happen then ;-)

I actually find this area of physics facinating, and really hope it helps us to understand everything around us more than we do already. I believe there are knock-on implications way beyond that of just proving the big bang theory and why we exist because of it. It's because of experiments like these we accidently find ways to make science fiction a science fact. For instance, 70% of the entire universe is dark energy.. what if there was a way to use it rather than just acknowledge its existance.. Would solve a few problems on our tiny little planet for sure. Even proving the existance of the "god" particle would be pretty cool achievement.

But, the main reason I'm writing this blog entry is because a silly theory that came to mind when all the news and panic striven kids started to throw their hands in the air. What if this very experiment started the big bang.. as in taking apart space and time and it's complex nature... what if the experiment was the actual cause of everything.. How ironic would that be.. We are studying the big bang because it happened, but it happened because we tried to study it. :-)

I'd think i'd call it the "Big Bang Paradox"...

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50