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01 May 2009

I've been putting off having yet another social network to add myself too. I get so many requests from different friends to different sites, but decided to finally add myself to twitter as its simple and can integrate with facebook which I already use as my primary "social network".

So now I can be "followed" at http://twitter.com/_AdamSaunders

The twitter site has been skinned to fit with the rest of my personal sites, so everything should follow through without seeming to feel like bits and pieces everywhere.

I've even put my twitter updates on to the sidebar of this site through Neetrix CMS. Which means that I don't have to update this site as often, unless I want to put something more substantial up and get small updates out in between the gaps whilst keeping this site active.

It's something I might apply to the business site as well at some point.

01 May 2009 09:20 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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