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08 Sep 2007

I've ordered a new phone. Simply because its not just a new phone, its something that really just shames anything that as ever existed before.

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • 400MHz Processor (different from Trion/Tytn so should work with Skype (fingers crossed)
  • 256MB or ROM Memory and 128MB RAM Memory (that's a lot for any phone)
  • Full sliding Qwerty keyboard with screen tilt (should be dreamy to use)
  • 3G (including super speed) quadband, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0
  • 3Megapixel camera which actually can give reasonable photos for once (from samples)
  • GPS!!! (Yea, on top of everything else, this thing has a GPS system built in!!)
  • It's a phone too ;-)

This phone quite simply is the swiss army knike of mobile technology. I receive it next Monday and will be selling my current Trion and Mini-S to fund it. Very much looking forward to trying it out!

It's an exceedingly popular new phone. I ordered one from one online store that had 20 in stock to only face an email in the morning to say that they had run out and I was on a back log. So I went elsewhere who told me that they were selling about 50 of the devices every 2-3 days (that's just one store!) Thats simple astonishing considering its a very high-end phone at £470 a time.

I'm hoping the new Bluetooth and CPU make will solve my bigger Trion/Tytn gripes. MS Voice Command over bluetooth, and using Skype for making calls. *fingers crossed*. I have to say though, since the Trion and because of this, I think i'm going to be hard pressed to use anything but HTC devices. Even the much talked about Apple iPhone has nothing in comparison to something like this.

More info: http://tytnseries.htc.com/htctytn2.html

08 September 2007 10:45 GMT+01:00    Posted By: Adam Saunders
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