No posts in 6 years?!

No posts in 6 years?!

So, nothing in the last 6 years sounds awful, and its not as if I haven't had anything to post about!

I've got married, moved house, had two children, started more businesses, upgraded the house a lot... wait.. that might actually explain why there has been no posts.. 😁

I definitely got lots to talk about, becoming a father is very life changing, the internet is going through a lot of change too, "new" technology is also changing everything as well.. It seems as much as my own life has been going through a lot of change over the last 6 years simply by living, the whole world has too simply because of the way internet  based technology is changing everything!

Where do I even begin!?

At least this website has FINALLY got a face lift with new Neetrix technology with the 2nd generation of SiteFront. Building and editing websites and portals have become amazing!

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Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50