Newest Piano Tune. Part 2

I finished most of the new tune. Not thought of a name yet, and there is still plenty to do yet. Some parts I'm not totally happy with, but its getting there. It's called Unknown #2 because I haven't thought of a title yet. You can also hear what the first written score would generally sound like at the bottom of this post.

Here is the score:

Adam Saunders - Music Score
Unknown #2 - By Adam Saunders

You can listen to it below.  The second one is played at a more intermediate speed. Its very difficult to play this piece at the faster speed. It's technically possible, but would require a lot more practice and experience. I've created the second one to show how it would sound at a more honest tempo, and its also the speed I've actually put on the time signiture of the score.

- Quick tempo

- Intermediate tempo

I've also added what the previous tune "Commencons" sounds like. This is played by a computer so not quite as good as a human playing it. It really needs the flow and variable tempo a human can add to it.

If you have any feeback, think any part you just aren't sure about, be sure to leave a comment. I can't improve without knowing what people think.

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Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50