Gaming Weekend is Immanent

I'm VERY much looking forward to April the 16th and 17th as it's the first Chillax LAN party. I've been wanting to set up a LAN party for ages and has been a hot topic for months, perhaps even years with friends.

What I wasn't expecting was to be able to find the perfect location to host one. Chillax is being held in a data center which means that it has direct connectivity to the gaming servers which won't have to be moved about as per a normal LAN event. The networking infrastructure is already in place with Gigs of bandwidth, and there not just a back up power unit but three different ones.

The difference between this LAN event and others is that Chillax is all about the social aspects of gaming rather than the competitive tournament nature that many have. It's a time to chill out with gaming, beers, pizzas, BBQs and great friends, new and old!

Some more info:

I'm hoping this will attract a much wider audience where people would usually feel somewhat out of their depth at a typical LAN event. So it's open to everyone of all ages and runs the entire weekend including through the night.

Should be a weekend to remember!!

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50