The brain can really be a remarkable thing..

This is a 5 year old who can play a piano from purely it's sound.. No lessons, and she can't read sheet music because she is completely blind.

Her brain is so good at hearing and dealing with pitch and tone that it can improvise a song in real time, and then remember the entire event and play it back. Having "perfect pitch" is quite rare, but you can find it in a number of people in varying number of degrees (some that don't even know it), and can be practiced like most things. This girl really has a unique capacity to deal with music that it is quite shocking..

The way she deals with the piano is facinating too.. She can't see the notes and her small hands means that she can't just reach spans that adults can. This means she is finding notes based on their exact pitch and using spacial awareness simultaneously to place her hand in where she believes that matching note will be found. Again, this isn't new as pianists do this through practice to read music, play without looking at their hands, but the way her brain is dealing with it seems much more raw.. as in she isn't thinking about the piano as a pianist does. What is interesting is that she can also have problems recognising tones at certain pitches. Those with perfect pitch have stronger capabilities within a certain range. Pianists generally will have their range around middle C and one or two octives out in both directions, but this is mainly because of tones they are used to hearing. She has a large range, but seems to find it difficult hitting towards the 4th octive up.. It's definately not hearing and remembering the tone is the problem, but the spacial awareness of where to find that note instead. It's a bit like someone that can hear music and remember it really well in their mind, but can't sing it when they try and so sounds like they heard it wrong.

Amasing.. It will be interesting to see if this girl continues to be televised and how things change as she matures.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50