Wii have a problem!

I recieved my Nintendo Wii console today to my absolute delight.. plugged it in and started to play some of the games. I have to say, its tons of fun and worth every penny!

I tried to access some of the WiiConnect24 channels and it asked me to connect to the internet etc, so I set up the wireless connection etc and as simple as a few clicks it was online! It then registered that it needed to update itself, so I confirmed the update (you have to before you can access any online channels), and the update seemed to had gone through fine, then it restarted the console and I went back in to the online channels again and this time when it tried to connect it through a nice "Error Code: 110213 There is a problem with the WiiConnect24 service. Please try again later."

A bit of reading online and it looks like a teething problem with some of the consoles that during peak time access, if you are updating the console the firmware update does not complete properly or causes a problem with the console itself which means it can no longer connect to the internet. It can still play games etc though, so its not end of the world... (more info: http://www.wiierror.com/wii-error-110213.php)

So now it looks like I have to ring Nintendo after xmas and report that my console has the problem. From what I have gathered they will send me a new console and I then send my current one back to them in a supplied envelope. If that's the case then I don't mind.. faults happen with new things (I should know!) and thats a good, simple, customer oriented way of dealing with it. Now just have to wait to see if that is the case or not.

There are some other things that people claim to have worked to fix the problem, so will try some of those first.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50