Why I don't have an iPad...

I'm only writing this because I've been asked about tablets a fair bit recently, and people always ask, "do you have an iPad?"

Quite simply, they are a touch screen media device that doesn't behave like a tablet in my opinion. One of the most important aspects of a tablet is the way it can become digital paper. This means it needs more precise tools such as a digital pen to make it a worthy tablet.

I've been contemplating these new tablets and even being a huge fan and advocate of the Android platform, I'm struggling to see a reason to get one except for a slightly nicer web experience than my phone, and that isn't problematic on the Nexus One anyway. With all the hullabaloo about the Tablet PC experience not being finger friendly I think the main point is missed.. For business, I need to draw stuff like this...

System Diagram Drawn on a Tablet PC

I do like the idea that these new tablets are sleek, have long battery life and handle media well, but without any real practical purpose beyond all the devices I already have around me, any contemplation of getting one would be simply be a total waste of money that could be spent one something that actually does the job.

So what does the job? In my case the HP convertable tablet notepad has been a prized tool for the type of work I do.. It does all the things the iPad's and other "tablets" do, but so much more!

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50