Went to see 2012, and find people in our seats...

Got to cinema with tickets for nice seats to find people in them. We arrived almost last thing as the seats are reserved (you have to pay extra for them)

The people in our seats had tickets for another set of seats with two people in them, who had tickets for another set of seats with a woman that immediately says "I'm not moving..."

Oh boy, how much fun was this going to be! Highlights of the "conversation"

Woman: There isn't anywhere that says these seats are reserved
Me: Except all those notices as you walked in and sat down?
Woman: I'm not going to argue
Me: That's fine, you don't need to say anything you only need to move
Me: You sure? How do you think this will actually end. You haven't paid for the seats, the cinema is completely full and someone else has come along that have paid for the seats you are in..
Woman: I'm not moving
Me: Yea, that's likely....
Steward comes along to check everyone's tickets moments later.

Steward: You aren't meant to be in those seats... please move to the other seats
Woman: No, I'm sat now and there is no where else we can all sit together
Steward: Please move now or you will be asked to leave the cinema.
Woman: ............ *takes that walk of shame with everyone starring after making such a scene*
Nearby Person: You know the cinema was mostly empty when she walked in and sat there.

Why don't people learn! :-)

Oh, and the film was.... Disappointing, mainly because it was so flawed. Excellent effects, but storyline tried too hard. As a geek, I'm still wondering how they managed to completely rewrite the laws of physics throughout the entire film.


Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50