Updating the site

Well, thanks to the new Neetrix platform, I can now add new blog posts even easier than ever! I've even started tweaking with the site and now have my entrance as this blog which Google is liking alot!

I still can't get over the speed of the system baring in mind that I haven't added any of the planned optimisations yet. I'm looking forward to putting them in place once the pressure on the system even starts to register.

So next is the gallery which is still using ngallery at the moment. The new Neetrix gallery is actually easier to use than ngallery. For instance I can upload multiple images and videos at the same time which ngallery has a complex FTP way of trying to accomplish the same task, otherwise you can only put up one photo at a time. This will mean that I can get to put more of my back log of photos up online. Looking forward to getting that done, which means that my entire site will be powered by the new system :-)

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50