Playing with AI

Playing with AI

I've been playing with AI generators today, mainly ChatGPT and some AI image generation tools. It created the image above when I simply asked for an M and W vector logo with fire and the colours blue and orange. It created a few options of each within seconds. It's incredible what it can do. It seemed to create an abstract idea, and just refine and refine based on the parameters you set. It's much like a human would with sketching before adding the details. The most impressive thing was the amount understanding it had about the context being requested, it's "imagination", and how every time you asked for the same thing, you'd get something extremely unique.

The ChatGPT was even more impressive. Most of the time I asked it for code examples, though I did find a number of errors it made. I can see it being really useful within the IDE some day where you don't have to remember all the syntax, but it will generate lines based on what you are describing if stuck. If it could then suggest alternative, or more efficient ways, that would be somewhat amazing if not a little patronising for some.

I even asked it to do some work on Turbo Pascal for the sake of nostalgia. It's been decades since I've looked at that language, yet, it managed it just as well as the C# and T-SQL requests I also made.

The last thing I did was to ask it to right a story for my two boys. They are only 5 years old and 2 years old currently, but it managed to include them into a pleasant space adventure tale that it made up completely on its own. That sort of tech is going to be massive in the creative home media space. Linked to a projector, kids can interact with the AI, tweaking the story that it is both generating, telling and visually illustrating at the same time. Helping the child to read, imagine, interact and having a phenomenal artistic experience at the same time. I could really imagine that to be a huge hit with children and parents.

This tech has come such a long way in the just the last year or two and its accelerating at a ridiculous speed. I feel like I should do more with it as developer, but I'm finding it hard to find a space that it would actually solve something practical than mainly entertain.

May be I should ask the machine what it wants to do... 😁

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50