Nokia E71 on the Motorbike Bluetooth

Something I hadn't had time to check in the first few weeks, was what the bluetooth was like with the Nokia E71, when everything is very much handsfree.

One thing with Windows that I really love, is the Voice Command application you can buy for ~$25 that gives you voice recognition for applications and contacts WITHOUT having to prerecord anything.

I did notice that Nokia has something similar, which was a massive relief, and I was eager to know if it would work over bluetooth, like Windows version does. Glad to say that it does, however, it isn't as smart as the Windows version. You can give it someone's name, and the recognition is very good, but it will only dial the default number, and you can't "cancel" it if it gets it wrong. It will give you feedback to say which name it thinks you said, which it has been pretty much always right, however, I can't say "Call Joe Blogg on Mobile" like I can with Windows, and then give a "Yes", or "No" if the confirmation question is right. Instead you just say "Joe Bloggs" and it will say "Calling Joe Bloggs" and about 1.5 seconds later it is ringing.

So not perfect, but far better than nothing and what I was expecting.

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Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50