Nexus Two?!

Samsung Google Nexus Two - GingerbreadYou never know with these things if its just a rumour of if its something real, but there does seem to be some pretty positive talk about Samsung showing off the next "Nexus Two" that will have Gingerbread on it on the 8th November. That isn't long away, and Samsung do have a conference on that day, and they have sent invites out saying that they will be unveiling a new device. What is more is that Google have also added the Gingerbread man to their front lawn to sit aside the previous desert based sculptures that represent each of the main Android versions. They only do this when the version is imminent. Gingerbread is looking likely to be version 2.3 with Honeycomb (probably something to expect at the first or second quarter of next year) will be version 3.0.

What I like about this is that Google have managed to keep all the details regarding Gingerbread behind closed doors much like Apple do with their software. Why I like this is that it stirs more interest as speculations come around which in turn should drive interest in the platform in general. I want Android interest to grow as I'm much more interested in Android development than I am iOS development.

I currently own a Nexus One, and have to say it's absolutely brilliant! Because it is a "Nexus" and has the core Android platform direct from the kitchens of Google, it has become the most widely supported device amongst the Android communities. For example every iteration of Cyanogen Mod that gets released, such as the recent version 6.1, it feels like I have a brand new phone. Quite simply, the Nexus One was the best investment in a mobile phone I have EVER made by a LONG LONG way.

This incredible support by the trio of platform provider (Google), hardware provider (HTC) and the open source community has proven they are a recipe for total success. Everyone wins, especially the consumer!

And for this reason I have a huge amount of interest in this new phone. It's based on Samsungs current Galaxy S phone, but the fact that it wouldn't have all the Samsung branded Android components (if the rumours ARE true), that it comes with an awesome super AMOLED screen, and the design looks insanely thin as well as the processing capability being outstanding, means this could be one hell of a tasty device.

The other rumour is that it would be available at Car Phone Warehouse here in the UK almost immediately. This means that it will be available across all the mobile providers and it won't get any of the provider crapware installed on it!

But like with all things like this, its a matter of "wait and see". It might just be another new Android mobile by Samsung that is just like the others in their line of Android devices. Here's to hoping for a "Nexus Two"!

UPDATE: It seems that the rumours are indeed all rubbish. Samsung have denied they are announcing a Nexus Two or "Nexus S" and are in face going to announce a dual screen phone. A concept where a smaller screen below the base of the main display can show the clock, notification icons and weather using less power than switching on the full display.

UPDATE2: Nexus S it is then! Beautiful phone too!

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50