New Star Trek movie is great

After a nice meal with a few friends we decided to go for a last minute, late night preview of the new Star Trek movie.

I have to say, I went there with great expectations, and those were completely fulfilled and some. Although I have no reservations to admit that I did watch the TV and previous films of Star Trek when it was airing, this did help understand some of the underlying decisions in the plot of the new movie, and certainly some of the "trekky" humour, however what I really wanted the movie to do was to be enjoyable by those friends that don't know the difference between a scotty and a spock. Those that had never seen a single episode of Start Trek still very much loved the film. Perfect.

So that's two great films out now. Wolverine (which was simply brilliant), and now Star Trek. Both that would seem a geeks dream, but I certainly haven't heard a single piece of cynicism from "regular" folks.

On a related, but different note however.. Cinema prices.. come on guys. You were taking the piss before, and now you are really stepping over the lines.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50