Mad.. Mad.. Vegas

Well, I've come back from my trip to Las Vegas, and I'm not really sure what I can say about it except its a really surreal place where everything looks real enough, but nothing is.. Its kind of like being in one of those realistic dreams.

We stayed at the Mirage hotel, which is based around a tropical forest theme. You go into a place like that and wonder where the hell you are, and get instantly impacted by all the noise of the gambling machines beeping moronic tones at you.

Certain places like New York, New York, were just messed up. A place with a sort of Irish/English theme as it advertised outside. Instead you feel like you are in some sort of Wizard of Oz take off. You leave the place needing to be pinched just to check that that last experience you had was at all for real. The rollercoaster they have though was excellent, and I highly recommend.

Unforunately, because the trip was for business, I didn't have much time for slot machines or gambling. I had about two goes of a slot machine and have to say, it was so mind numbingly boring, I just don't understand how people can sit at those machines for days on end. Unsurpringly I didn't win anything, so came back with a massive loss of 2 bucks. Don't worry though, I'll just remortgage the house to claw some of the funds back.

Here is a video that Mark put together of the trip. Shows a few of the key sights, unfortunately it doesn't go down the strip as far as MGM grand and New York, New York.

I'm going to get some photos into my gallery of the place, but I doubt there is much that hasn't already been seen once before.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50