Google Maps takes a new perspective

I was just contemplating some European trips and was doing my usual, using Google Earth to check what's around hotels and city break areas to see if there is anything worthwhile visiting.

Now Google has a new perspective called Google StreetView, which is exactly that. You can actually have a full 360o look from a drivers perspective. It means that you can basically take a drive through a city and see exactly what it might be like before you even ever been there.

So, for instance, here is Times Square in New York.. 

(you can click and drag around these images to see the 360o view! Or click on the arrows on the road to move back and forth)

Or perhaps a quick look around Paris?

 I just think this technology is fantastic. England is being mapped at the moment, so should expect that properly some time next year I believe. However, I'm more interested in seeing more places that people don't tend to get to see, like eastern european countries and the middle east.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50