Getting there

Well, I'm getting there. I've decided to promote this weblog to become the overall personal website. When it comes to my personal website, in the past I've put together my own (which I doubt I'll ever do again.. just so much hassle), I've used CMSs like DotNetNuke etc (but they always seem so cumbersome and too much hard work to maintain), but this just seems to make more sense. I've rarely kept my site up to date anyway, so hopefully this will entice me to add more content.

I've done a bit more on the look so its a little more fitting to the majicware colours of orange.. yea I know, weird colour. I'm not sure why i've chosen orange, but I do tend to try and pick different colours from the normal ones like blue and grey. I guess it stands out more.

I've had to move the gallery to because this blog was conflicting its web.config contents with the gallery one, even though the gallery was in its own virtual folder. I'm not sure why that happens with some applications, but it only seems to affect a few. In theory the virtual directory one should be the only one that should be read. It shouldn't even need to parse the main root config file. Well, instead of spending loads of time I don't have on working out why, I've moved it into a subdomain and repointed the original virtual folder to the new URL via IIS, so previous links etc shouldn't be lost. All done through Helm might I add! :-)

Seeing that now and again I actually do web design, I should do a little more for the header. I don't think I can be bothered right now. If I get bored I'll knock something up.

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50