Finally got the new bike!

Well, after tons of hassles in getting a new motorbike, it's finally here! A CBR 125 (because I haven't got a full motorcycle licence yet). Its a pretty darn good bike. I can't really see what it can do yet because its brand new so I have to wear it in first.

CBR 125 2006 [Click Here For More Pictures]

I'm hoping to get a few miles on the clock early (i.e. this weekend) as I travel over to Weston to see some old friends of mine. Looking forward to driving it around more.

Update: Sods law.. isn't it always the case! Plan to do all these things, and then it rains! Oh well, still have done a few miles on it already. Its already leaving me wanting more power.. Have to be careful not to get the motorbike bug.

Motorbikes & Cars
Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50