Cyanogen Mod. Android ROM version 6 totally rocks!

Cyanogen Mod on Nexus OneI finally got to install the latest release candidate Android ROM for Nexus One on to my phone. When I say finally, it was only released yesterday, but I've been wanting to install this since I first glimpsed a . It wasn't too long ago that I had installed Modaco's Froyo build because I wanted to get the benefits of some of the enhancements that were made in Android 2.2.

The Cyanogen Mod is THE most popular build and the ease of rooting and installing this build of Android is incredibly easy and just seems to get easier and easier. 

I don't want to get into all the things that the Cyanogen team have put into this build, but its lightening quick and some of the features are just amazing. The AWD Launcher has matured well, and is now my default launcher, and the advanced settings are very cool indeed.

What's most significant with this release of Android is not only does it have a HUGE community of developers and testers behind it, but it also will be made available on lots of Android phones including the original G1 (one of the first android phones) and the HTC Hero GSM (great because HTC have been CRAP at keeping their devices up to date).

I'm now looking forward to Gingerbread where Google will be adding some significant UI enhancements.. Sounds familiar.. its exactly where we are with Neetrix at the moment :-)

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50