Android Apps That I Use

I thought I'd list the apps that I use on my Nexus One Android phone (In no particular order). Some people ask now and again, but really want to list them so I don't forget next time I do a factory reset :-)

  • Apps
    • Gesture Search
      Google Inc.
    • Google Earth
      Google Inc.
    • Google Maps
      Google Inc.
    • Places Directory
      Google Inc.
    • Google Sky Map
      Google Inc.
    • Handcent SMS (NEW)
    • K-9 Mail (dropped for time being as using Gmail)
      K-9 Team
    • CoPilot Live Navigation (UK IRE)
      ALK Technologies Ltd
    • MixZing Music Player
    • Droid Live Lite
      Visual Blasters
    • - Personal Radio Ltd.
    • Barcode Scanner
      ZXing Team
    • Mileage
      Evan Charlton
    • GDocs Notepad With Sync
      mobdev, inc.
    • Tricorder
    • Seesmic for Twitter
    • Meebo IM
    • DailyStrip
      FuseTree LLC
    • RemoteSMS Full
    • Bluetooth File Transfer
      Medieval Software
    • Advanced Task Killer
    • ColorFlashLight Fun Flashlight
    • PDaNet free edition
      Jne Fabrics Technology Inc.
    • Compass
    • NetCounter
      Cyril Jaquier
    • beebPlayer
      David Johnston
    • ASTRO File Manager
    • GPS Tracker
      InstaMapper LLC
    • android-vnc-viewer
      androidVNC team
    • RealCalc Scientific Calculator
      Brian Overspill
  • Games
    • Space Physics
      Camel Games
    • Jewels
    • Solitaire
      Ken Magic
    • Abduction
      psym Mobile
  • Widgets
    • Gmail Unread Count
      Alexander Blom
    • DigiClock Widget
      David Goemans

If you think you know better alternatives to the ones above please make a comment in the comment section. Also if you think you have found real gems you think I should look at let everyone know in the comments too!

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 14:50